“The galavanting Goofball!” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 7 of 15)

The galavanting Goofball!

Well, now we know what Watusi’s reading habits tend towards…

Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner! You can see my plans on www.smearysoapboxpress.com; what are you doing to celebrate?


8 thoughts on ““The galavanting Goofball!” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 7 of 15)

  1. Needleman looks like he could be a Liefield character – he’s certainly got the natural sharp edges, anyway. Very fun change of pace! My FCBD fun actually starts the night before at Cup o’ Kryptonite. They’re having a sale, and several artists in from 8 pm to midnight doing sketches, then putting out some of the FCBD books at midnight. 30 minutes later they’ll start packing stuff up for their overnight move to a new location, and open at 9 am in their new store. If I can manage to stay awake all night, I plan to help close the old joint and open the new one. Then there are 2 other shops in town to visit for sales and any books I missed at Cup o’ K. If I’m not totally sleep-deprived after that, I may try to take in a showing of Avengers with the wife.


    1. In the words of Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there”– that sounds like a blast (even though an all-nighter would be hard for me to justify)! I’m looking forward to my stint at Astrokitty; this year I get to open the festivities, something I haven’t been able to do in a number of years. The Avengers sounds promising, too, though I probably won’t catch it opening weekend…


    1. Thanks, it was fun to draw. And what a great tag line, too– just perfect for the movie adaptation!!


    1. Yeah, it was fun to draw a different character and in a (slightly) different style this time around…


    1. Well, guess you were disappointed. Sorry.

      I’ll try to get a Goofball backup into one of the Watusi digests (whenever I can get back to the print comic)…


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