“How soon they forget!” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 8 of 15)

Maybe Watusi isn’t as self-centered as I thought. Or maybe just more forgetful…

Hey, I’m also featured in a story in the new Lawrence Magazine. You can pick up a FREE copy at the Lawrence Journal-World office (609 New Hampshire) … or read it here (it’s on page 43).


8 thoughts on ““How soon they forget!” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 8 of 15)

  1. That new toy seems to be pretty tasty…

    Great spot in the Lawrence Magazine!! You should use that for your back-drop for cons!


  2. You know, I never considered Watusi to be that self-centered, but maybe that’s just me. I love the first panel with the bouncing Goofball. He reminds me of The Human Spring. And the last panel is a nice little wink. Congratulations on your recent media exposure! My computer refuses to play alond with the site, but I’m sure it’s a great read!


    1. Goofball does have some things in common with the Human Spring, but I used GB since it was a comic Watusi was reading in one of the older starter panels. Plus, if the Human Spring isn’t portrayed as “fictional” character, the window is still open for a HS/Watusi crossover…


  3. “Alond” is an alternate spelling of the Old Frisian “aland” meaning “ashore”. So, your computer refuses to play on shore with the site, but probably does well with those off shore gambling web sites.


  4. I agree with Mike – the graphic from Lawrence Magazine would make a great backdrop for your booth.

    And it’s somewhat ironic that Watusi is wondering if he could handle the excitement, while behind him there is a newspaper page on the wall showing the dranatic end of his exciting adventure on Las Isla Esmerelda.

    And I liked how Goofball’s bouncing left dents in the lower panel borders. Another nice strip!


    1. I was happy with the illustration– it showed the good-natured sense of the character, yet gave hints of the dangerous situations I try to bring Watusi’s way.

      Glad you picked up on the Isla Esmerelda headline there; I’ve realized that I tend to write rather clueless protagonists, and this was a great chance to show that side of Watusi (who’s not normally so self-effacing).

      I liked how Goofball interacted with the panel borders too; I might have to see how that feels in a Human Spring story at some point…


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