“Dare to dream” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 9 of 15)

"Dare to dream"

Now we’ve got proof– Watusi snores like a buzzsaw!

9 Comments to ““Dare to dream” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 9 of 15)”

  1. Nice flow from regular borders to dream boreders and back again. I liked how the people in panel 2 were reacting to Watusi flying through – the guy holding his hat on, the woman holding her dress down (shades of Marilyn Monroe!) and the kid trying to catch his balloon. And the villain in the last panel (Snidely Whiplash or just a parody?) was cool, too. The hero slowly moving towards the buzz saw is a classic. Another fun strip!


  2. Thanks– I had a fun time with this page, especially the second panel. I hope my next dream-to-reality transition comes off as good! The villain in the final panel is just an archetypal villain … I didn’t think I had room left in that crowded panel to fit Snidely’s chin!


  3. I like the panels in this one. Love the skyline too.


    • That’s a drawback of putting Watusi’s home in such a small town: I love to draw cityscapes, and Wonder Valley just doesn’t offer much chance for that. Maybe it’s time for Watusi to pay another visit to his Big City penthouse (as seen in Rap Sheet #141)…


  4. Fun strip visually all around! The second panel is fantastic!


  5. Great strip, Dale! I love how you worked the saw ZZZs into the snoring ZZZs. And the little puddle of drool from Watusi’s mouth is great!


    • Thanks! I enjoyed all the little details in this strip. I guess I’ve been giving too much weight to the writing lately; fortunately, I have more interesting visuals scheduled for upcoming strips…


  6. I agree with several of the comments here and on earlier entries. You often show a lot of thought went into the little things. It’s one of the unsung talents of good actors that they react to another actor’s lines. You have people in the world reacting to the setting and/or action.

    And I like the ZZZs too.


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