“A peek inside” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 13 of 15)

Secrets are about to be revealed! More to come…


8 thoughts on ““A peek inside” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 13 of 15)

  1. Note in panel 2 that you can’t actually see Teebo’s FACE. A pair of shoes and legs, and a voice, does not mean the person is actually there. As for the Poodles of Doom – there may be enough of them to have groups in two places at once – sort of an A team and a B team. If Peter Falk were still around, Columbo would catch them by noting that the recording of the poodle race didn’t actually match up with what happened, because there would have been some minor flaw or unforseen event that caused something to be different from the recording, which a live person would have noticed. And that last panel is kind of creepy – Teebo almost looks like a deranged zombie.


    1. An interesting theory you’ve got there… we’ll see how close to the mark you came in about a week! As for that creepy last panel, it didn’t come out quite as I’d hoped. I wanted to leave the nose and hat visible, but they ended up obscuring what little of the brain was left showing. And the fact that two of the brain lobes lined up where the eyes would be didn’t help matters any…


  2. I also agree that Teebo is creepy in the third panel which makes sense because he is a creep! Nice job in reworking the first panel, too! Looking forward to seeing the inner workings next time!


  3. Me, too! I finished inking it, and I’m pretty happy with how it works– more successful than the x-ray panel in this episode, I’m happy to say!


  4. Great strip this week! Not that most weeks aren’t great, but I’m particularly into this one. I actually wondered about how Teebo had made an appearance here at the bank so soon after his show. Didn’t realize you were working it into the story. Good work! And I think the x-ray panel panel works well!


    1. Thanks! I guess even if I wasn’t totally happy with it, if readers could tell what was going on in the last panel then it wasn’t a total bust!


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