“The Mystery Mutt of Wonder Valley!”

Yep… it looks like I’ve resorted to superhero comics again. Hey, it worked for Goofy

By the way, I’ve also posted the full version of my Q&A with Julie Tollefson for the recent Lawrence Magazine article over at www.smearysoapboxpress.com; check it out if you’re so inclined…


5 thoughts on ““The Mystery Mutt of Wonder Valley!”

  1. I like Mystery Mutt, but I would argue with Watusi’s logic. He’s been known to rush into some danger from time to time. And I think he has the adventures to prove it!


    1. Well, logic is certainly not a strong character trait for Watusi!

      And, though it might be difficult to maintain in the readers’ minds over the length of this sequence, my conceit here is that Watusi still thinks he’s dreaming about being a superhero. Wish me luck at pulling it off!


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