“To the rescue!”

A big thank you to Mike Sullivan for suggesting that Teebo’s gun could be more than just a run-of-the-mill firearm! When you’re done here, be sure to check out his comic “There’s Something Happening in Crawford, Kansas”!

7 Comments to ““To the rescue!””

  1. Of course, if Mystery Mutt was a poodle, I doubt that bozo would complain!


  2. Thanks for the plug, Dale!

    Quite the “TA DA!” moment for Watu…Mystery Mutt! Very brave and wet.


    • And yet he’s still soaked. Bravery comes with a cost, I guess…

      Can’t promise the plug will bring new readers your way, but it’s a fun strip that’d be a shame for readers to skip over!


  3. Ewww, wet dog is the worst!


  4. I thought the gun looked a little funny – defnitely different from a regular gun. The idea of it shooting seltzer water is great! Getting a face full of water could prevent someone from seeing as Teebo made his escape – especially if the person wore contacts and the water washed the contacts out, or just distorted their vision. And a wet-dog smell would certainly make me want to be somewhere else. Teebo hasn’t escaped, yet, though – he still has Mystery Mutt to deal with, and the police are probably already on their way as well. Who knows, maybe Watusi will meet a cute K-9 police dog?


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