“Putting poodles in their proper place”

Looks like a battle royale is on the horizon!!

While you’re waiting for that, you might like to pop on over to my friend MisterWinterMan’s blog and download your very own Watusi paper toy! A longtime cartoonist and early contributor to Watusi’s jam comics, he’s now turning his creativity to paper toys …  and the results look pretty good, I must say!

This month also marks 30 years since I started my first ongoing series; you can read about that– along with my very first comic– at smearysoapboxpress.com


7 thoughts on ““Putting poodles in their proper place”

  1. Great job Mystery Mutt! Wish I would have thought of that stay-put pen trick for Magnet Man! Can’t wait to see Mystery Mutt vs Teebo, one on one! Congrats on 30 years of Dale Martin comics! Here’s to the next 30!


  2. Magnet Man has other tricks at his disposal!

    Thanks for reading; I’ll try to make the next 30 years even better than the first!


  3. I see a very tasty battle ahead. I’m guessing that’s a cream pie Teebo’s about to toss into Watusi’s face. Where’s he been keeping that pie for the last several strips? Or, on second thought, maybe I don’t want to know that. 😉 That paper Watusi is pretty cool, too. Now we just need some accessories for him – like Mystery Mutt’s bowl/helmet and towel/cape, for starters.


    1. No telling what tricks Teebo still has up his sleeve!

      If I was better at working in three dimensions I might try making a bowl & cape … that’s a really fun idea!


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