“A shifty sneak attack”

Oh, the treachery!!


9 Comments to ““A shifty sneak attack””

  1. I really dig the breather panel! With these two combatants, it makes perfect sense! As for Teebo, where does he get his wonderful toys?


  2. Oh no, cannon hat! Poor Watusi! I just killed Magnet Man in my strip, looks like he might have company in the comic strip afterworld! I hope not though.


    • Darn! Too bad we didn’t see that coming– we could have had an afterlife crossover event! (And I hope Magnet Man isn’t dead, either!)


  3. How diabolical! A cannon hat! Deviously cleaver.

    And poor Watu–Mystery Mutt!


  4. Hmmm, what did I last load the hat with…


  5. Perhaps Mystery Mutt’s “cap” (looks like an upside down food bowl) will deflect any projectile back at Teebo. I agree, the breather panel was fun – it reminded me of some good old Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam fights – or maybe I’m thinking of Bugs/Daffy Duck, or Bugs/Marvin the Martian? Anyway, it was neat.


    • Thanks, I had a good time with the “breather”– wasn’t sure how best to transition from the last fight action to lead up to the sneak attack… and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


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