“Some strings attached”

Whattaya know!?! It looks like Teebo is going to get away with his scheme after all!!

If you’re in the neighborhood, I hope you’ll stop by this Saturday’s Free State Comicon and say “hi”– it should be a good time, and the Douglas County Fairgrounds will be packed with comics and comic creators … some even more famous than me! I’m planning on improvising a Watusi jam comic at the event and will need some help, so bring your drawing pencil! Don’t worry; I’ll have some spares if you forget…

6 Comments to ““Some strings attached””

  1. Hey, the bike race! Looks like Kirby may be breaking away from the pack! I’m still puzzled how Teebo got so competent!
    Dale, did that greasepaint junkie pay you to make him look so good? Oh, and have lots of fun at the con!


    • Yeah, the bike race has been going full speed ahead. I just figured the goings-on at the bank might make for a meatier story, but I haven’t forgotten about Kirby…

      I agree that Teebo has turned out to be a bigger menace than his earlier appearances may have implied. Only the wiliest foes for Watusi, it seems!


  2. Looking forward to seeing you at the Con, Dale. Should be lots of fun!


  3. Well, Tim Tebow may be second string now, but Teebo proves that he is still very much first string! I just hope Watusi or someone finds a way to tackle Teebo! I won’t be anywhere near Douglas County Fairgrounds this weekend, but I love the name! Have a fun time at the con! Spread the Watusi word!


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