“Not a moment to spare!”

Looks like making good use of their time is what all these characters need right now!

Thanks to everybody who stopped by to visit me at last weekend’s Free State Comicon. I had a great time, and you can see a little of what went on there on Watusi’s facebook page … including the first part of an improvised comic story created at the show!

7 Comments to ““Not a moment to spare!””

  1. Oh, no! It seems that Mystery Mutt’s secret identity has been discovered, too!!


  2. Looking good. I’d forgotten about Kirby’s bike race. I have a feeling that Watusi will snap out of his trance just in time to witness a mighty collission. (I can almost see the bike tire tracks criss-crossing Teebo’s body already!) Sorry I didn’t make it to the Free State Comicon – it looked like a nice lineup. It kind of snuck up on me. I’ll have to add a reminder on the calendar for next year.


    • Yes, a confrontation is in store … though not quite like you picture it…

      Free State Comicon is a nice show; a little smaller than I-Con, but it keeps getting better and better. It’s great to have something like it succeeding in my hometown!


  3. I agree with Ivan. It looks like they’re on a collision course to wackiness!


  4. Does Kirby have a secret weapon? Like an electric bike?


    • Hmmm… I thought it was sheer force of will, but maybe Kirby’s burst of speed is due to some enhancements Professor Harvey made to his bike. Hope any trophy won’t get taken away because of a technicality!!


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