“That’s some fine lucid dreaming…”

What a close call! Disaster averted!


6 thoughts on ““That’s some fine lucid dreaming…”

  1. Is that the Silent Knight on the cover of that comic Li’l Watusi is chewing on? It only took me two years to notice! For the last hour or so, I’ve been revisiting your Mystery Mutt/Teebo epic and I think it’s one of your best storylines (And that’s really saying something)! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dale, but your wonderful work always inspires me to want to make comics! Maybe one day I’ll actually do it! 😉


    1. Glad I didn’t close comments on this strip! Thanks for your kind words and rereading the story. And you’re right on the money with the Silent Knight reference, too. One of my initial thoughts on Watusi’s “Mystery Mutt” identity would that he– like the Silent Knight– would not talk as a way to protect his real identity. It didn’t play out that way (and for the better, I think), but the Silent Knight reference was still in mind…

      And it’s never to late too get around to making comics– this storyline had been lurking in my sketchbooks for the better part of a decade before it finally took form as seen here. Sometimes inspiration strikes like a bolt of lightning, sometimes it percolates like a pot of Folgers…


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