“Down for the count!”

Sadly, Teebo, I get the feeling that your headaches are far from over!

In happier news, the jam comic started at last month’s Free State Comicon is all posted! You can read the complete story on Watusi’s facebook page (it’s the “Free State Comicon Jam Comic 2012” album)

6 Comments to ““Down for the count!””

  1. Poor Kirby! But at least, Mystery Mutt has defeated that clown!


  2. So Teebo and Mystery Mutt were responsible for the great Wonder Valley biker riot of 2012! Poor Kirby lost his glasses and skinned his knees in that horrific event. Sadly several Schwinns were lost and that DJ guy’s upper thigh was impaled by a flying kickstand. He vowed never to participate in local bike races again.


  3. “By a nose!” Of course! Great stuff as always Dale! Can’t wait for the next one!


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