“I get that a lot”

Who, indeed? Stick around to see if the Mystery Mutt can protect his identity…


8 thoughts on ““I get that a lot”

  1. Rut Row – it sounds like Watusi has been watching too many Scooby Doo cartoons. (Although as long as they are pre-Scrappy Doo, there’s really no such thing as too much Scooby Doo!) Nice over-the-shoulder evil glare from Teebo in panel 3. Hopefully he didn’t overhear anyone calling Mystery Mutt by his real name, otherwise Watusi could be in trouble when he gets out in 10-20 years.


  2. Wow! That was a close call w/Watusi’s secret identity. Maybe he should start wearing glasses when he’s Watusi to mask his appearance. I surprised my wife Gala once by getting contacts & she called the cops on me! Can’t wait to see where you go w/this Dale! Until then, Make Mine More Mystery Mutt!


    1. Thanks- crowd scenes are a challenge for me, but I think it worked out pretty well here. Chief Stone’s uniform was fun to draw, though I had a hard time getting his radio and his badge to work together well. May have to tweak it a bit still…


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