“A momentary lapse of peace”

While Watusi catches some shuteye, I hope you all have a happy Halloween!


4 thoughts on ““A momentary lapse of peace”

  1. You suppose maybe there was something extra in that corndog? Maybe a super-vitamin, that turned Watusi into the flying Mystery Mutt? Or maybe the corndog was shipped to Wonder Valley next to a leaking drum of radioactive material? Or maybe Watusi stopped to make a wish at a functioning Zoltar machine (like Tom Hanks in “Big”)? Looking forward to seeing the look on Watusi’s face when he realizes it WASN’T a dream!


    1. Y’know, I just assumed it was the magic chew toy. Maybe there was more going on than I realized…

      Do you think Watusi will realize it wasn’t a dream? He can be kind of thick sometimes…


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