“Running hot and cold”

Sometimes it’s just hard to read people…


4 thoughts on ““Running hot and cold”

  1. Hmmm – no wise-acre kid with a cell phone to hold up a picture of Watusi flying or fighting Teebo to ask “How do you explain this?” They must have been too surprised to think to grab their cell phones. And, of course, Mystery Mutt was probably moving too fast to get very many in-focus pictures while he was in action. I wonder what (if anything) will it take to jog Watusi’s memory and make him realize that his strange dream wasn’t a dream and that it actually happened?


    1. Hadn’t thought about that, I guess. Your “too speedy for anyone to snap a photo” is a great solution to that oversight; thanks!

      I do have another Mystery Mutt story or two in my sketchbook, but it should be a good long time before we see him again…


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