Rather than dive right into the next storyline during a busy holiday season, I’m going to showcase some of my favorite jam comics from Watusi’s print title for the next five weeks. As many of you know, Watusi got his start through jam comics such as this, and while I’m using the characters I introduced there in more fully-scripted fare these days, I still enjoy these improvised one-pagers. I’m kicking off this stroll down memory lane (for me, but hopefully they’ll be new comics for most of you) with my favorite strip from the first of Watusi’s Halloween issues (Watusi #15, Oct. 2004). I liked the challenging problem that Terri left me with, and I’m really glad I accepted her premise that it wasn’t just a bone.

About the contributors: Billy and Terri McKay hail from the comic-filled state of Ohio, and Billy makes some of the most beautiful handmade comics I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy. He doesn’t seem to have much of an internet presence I can direct you to, but if you’d like to know more about his work write me and I’ll get you connected with him…


7 Comments to ““Payback!””

  1. Watusi’s jam comics always RAWK! To all those folks who thinks Watusi is a goody-goody, the fourth panel should remove all doubt! Plus Billy McKay is a genius and I’m sad he’s no longer focusing his creative energies on his amazing one-of-a-kind comics, but I’m grateful for every one he has sent my way over the years. And I’m also grateful to you, Dale, for introducing me to Billy’s work through Watusi’s ever-so-fun jams! Looking forward to seeing some more blasts from the past in the weeks to come!


    • I’m glad you’re enjoying this– it should help me get a jump on the next storyline, as well as finish off a couple of projects that have been languishing (Including Double Dip #2).


  2. Hey Dale! What a great surprise! I always loved the jam comics & consider it an honor to have been able to take part in some of them. Billy McKay was always one of my favorite people to trade comics w/. His work is awesome! I guess that’s just one of the downsides of doing online comics these days. Kind of hard to trade! Thanks for the great trip down memory lane!


    • Yeah, I know what you mean: easy to share, hard to trade. There’s something about a handcrafted comic that just can’t be beat, whether it’s Billy’s elaborate productions, or your basic (but equally entertaining) Magnet Man Minicomics.

      I may not have a new Watusi issue anytime soon, but I have finished a lot of work on this year’s holiday piece already…


  3. dale! billy here. thanks for showing this strip! it’s really fun to read everyones comments and i really appreciate everyone’s kind words. i know how hard it must be to keep up with the these “digital” comic sites, but i’m sure everyone really enjoys what you are doing. i forgot to mention that one of my current project is a board game that i’m hoping to have done within a year or so. it’s full of all kinds of crazy characters. i’d like all of my pen pals from the past to have one when it’s done, so make sure you all keep in touch! thanks dale and thanks to everyone else too! billytherobot@gmail.com


  4. If you’re going to reprint some of the jams, I think your readers would love to see more of ME!


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