“Snow day”

I love to use this strip (from Watusi #4, Sept. 2003) when I teach classes. It’s great to show to kids who are timid about their ability to draw Watusi “on model”– even though Matt and Michael’s versions are so different from mine and each other’s, it continues the story in a lovely way.

About the contributors: Matt Levin is the writer/artist behind Walking Man Specials and Musicomics, an amazing mixture of poetry, comics, and rubber stamp artwork ; Michael A. Carroll is the creator of “The Accidentals” (among other entertaining stick figure comics, both mini- and web- style).

4 Comments to ““Snow day””

  1. why don’t you see more snow dogs out there? the snow MAN gets too much credit! great strip! billy


  2. Great strip Dale! I agree w/you. I love how Matt & Michael each have a unique take on Watusi & yet it fits in perfectly w/the spirit of the Watusi jams & doesn’t distract from the fun & enjoyment of the strip at all! Keep ’em comin’!


    • Glad you’re enjoying these! Sometimes I feel like I’ve done the weakest panel in these jams … but maybe that’s just because I tasked myself to come up with a somewhat coherent ending for each one of them!


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