“Under the big top”

While you may have seen the origins of the Watusi/Teebo feud in my recent “Wonder Valley Weekend” storyline, Teebo has been plaguing Watusi in print time and again since his first appearance way back in Watusi #10 (March 2004). This appearance (from Watusi #18, June 2005) is probably my favorite Teebo jam comic…

About the contributors: Tom Cherry took me up on an offer to write his own blurb: “Although he considers himself a cartoonist, Tom Cherry’s current output of work may argue otherwise. Examples of his toonage can be found at www.thosefunkyidiots.com and tomcherryexperience.blogspot.com” ; in addition to being a tireless Teebo promoter, Keith O’Brien makes wonderful postcard comics and blogs about life in Forbidden Falls, Maine.

4 Comments to ““Under the big top””

  1. Thanks for including me in Watusi’s flashback jams, Dale! And forget Teebo! When is Sparkle coming back to exact his revenge on Watusi?


  2. It was unfortunate that somebody left one of the large balls the tigers balance on in the ring. The foolish audience thought Watusi’s fall was all planned.


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