“It’s kind of a long story…”


Join me next week as the journey begins!


6 thoughts on ““It’s kind of a long story…”

  1. Nice recap! Even the short version is pretty exciting. It might not be so bad having two dogs in the story for a bit…two dogs and a monkey! Think of the possibilities!


    1. Glad you found the recap useful. It’s good to know you don’t mind the extra animals, because this storyline will be full of them! And likely the next one, too….


  2. Nice recap, Dale, and more Watusi panels to boot! A broadsheet like the golden age comics of yore! Always nice to see your fictional counterpart walking about and feel free to break the fourth wall anytime you like! Looking forward to the conclusion of the W-Tusi storyline and hopefully more Mitchell and Prof. Harvey! Happy New Year!


    1. While it’s never as much Mitchell as readers like, he will come to rescue of one of our characters in the next few weeks…


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