“No muss, no fuss”


Well, that would certainly make cleanup a snap! And, yes, this week’s intro phrasing was inspired by old issues of World’s Finest Comics (“Your two favorite Heroes, Superman and Batman”…)


4 Comments to ““No muss, no fuss””

  1. Yay! Looking very forward to this storyline!


  2. Me too – it will have lots of cameos before it’s all over, so it will be fun to show off a few more of Watusi’s supporting cast in action!


  3. Those self-folding tables would come in handy after my July 4th picnics – just have to be careful to keep the hands and fingers away from the quick-folding parts! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


    • I hope that activation button can’t be triggered accidentally! I guess the Professor’s inventions involve a fair amount of trial and error, though…


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