“Calling for help”


Whattaya know? The world doesn’t revolve around Watusi! I bet that’s news he’ll take pretty hard…

11 Comments to ““Calling for help””

  1. Looks to be quite a diversion! Maybe W-tusi25 will see some action before he returns to the future!


  2. Rocket Rockne! I love it! & I love W-tusi25’s line in panel one! Another great strip Dale! Can’t wait to see where you go from here!


    • Thought you might get a kick out of Rocket Rockne; sorry I won’t be able to show more of his effort to help keep Big City safe from giant lava monsters…


  3. Is this the first appearance of the cell collar? Like Harvey’s “pshaw” comment and it looks like Mitchell is very familiar with the good Professor’s attempts with suspended animation. No Human Spring? Nothing againist the rest, but he’s the true hero of Big City!


  4. Professor Harvey’s idea is certainly the time-consuming method of time travel. Mitchell’s reaction to the professor’s “solution” was great! Like Batman’s utility belt, Watusi’s collar seems to be full of surprises. I wonder what else might be in there? A GPs unit? A link to the WWW (that’s the Watusi-Wonder valley-Web)? And if Watusi has a cell phone in there, what possibly helpful tools might Watusi-25 have available that he hasn’t thought about yet?


  5. Mitchell was certainly the level-headed voice of reason here; the Professor could have totally come up with a suspended animation device, but wasn’t really thinking about the the logistics of keeping it operating for 500 years!

    Guess I’ll have to be careful about what devices I put in Watusi’s collar, too– would hate for it to become a “deus ex machina” storytelling crutch…


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