“Trying a different tack”


I hope this plan works out better than cryogenics would have!

6 Comments to ““Trying a different tack””

  1. Will we get to see what’s happening with Minerva?? Maybe a companion print comic? Very fun and love the view of the city!


  2. I think I’ll have to leave Minerva’s story to the readers’ imaginations for now. Glad you enjoyed the city overview, tho; it was a lot more complex to block out than most of my pages, so it’s good to know it paid off!


  3. Some lovely drawings, Dale! And design work as well! I know I say it from time to time, but please keep up the excellent work!


    • Thank you, sir! It took me a long time to finish this page (and the next one, too), but I’m pretty happy with the results…


  4. Wow! & I thought it was dangerous to talk on the phone while driving! It will be interesting to see if science, magic or something else gets W-Tusi25 back home. That is if he makes it back home at all! Thanks for the fun, Dale!


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