“The big picture”


Can magic save the day like… magic? See how smoothly that goes next time!


10 Comments to ““The big picture””

  1. Excellent aerial view of the town and countryside! This really gives us a view of where things are happening! Really Fun!!


  2. So much to like in this new strip Dale! I even found the hidden Rocket Rockne! The panel w/all the landmarks looks great & I love how you reference “pretty much any issue of Watusi’s comic.” & the arrow pointing out Mick Magick’s place in the country was a nice touch too! Well done as always Dale!


  3. It’s always great to see more of Wonder Valley! Say that lighthouse sounds mighty familiar! 😉


    • It does, doesn’t it? Maybe not placed in the spot you figured, but I like its location on the map, even if it serves a logical function here…


  4. How long have you had the place so well mapped out?


    • It’s been a work in progress for a while now. While I don’t want to nail things down so much that it hinders my writing, I’m also a sucker for maps in books (especially those in cozy mysteries). Someday I hope to do a fuller map as a foldout in a Watusi issue…


  5. Why is there a lighthouse at the bend of the river? and really, ‘just about any Watusi comic’? They’ve all pretty much made sense to me–. ‘cept for that lighthouse thing. ah well: enjoyment is all, and I do enjoy these! Thanks for keepin’m posting.


    • Why. there’s a perfectly logical reason for a lighthouse to be on the river: to warn boats about the sharp bend they’re coming upon on Dogleg Creek. It also served double duty to guide in airships when Airfield Park was still an active landing area back in the 30s…


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