“Everybody’s a critic”


There’s just no pleasing some audiences…


9 thoughts on ““Everybody’s a critic”

  1. Watusi could end up regretting his sarcasm – and might find himself in the future and trying to get back to the 21st Century. Although Mick’s comment that traveling across dimensions and traveling through time should be “more or less the same” wouldn’t inspire me with a lot of confidence. Watusi could find himself in another time AND another dimension! And interrupting a magician in the middle of a spell is always risky – especially to whomever is the subject of the next spell.


    1. What fun ideas! Makes me regret having this story be so focused on getting W-Tusi25 back home in the space of a single issue; spinning it out of control like that sounds like it could be a lot of fun!


  2. Watusi should never look a gift horse in the mouth especially if that horse does magic and offers oatcakes and jellies! And then he insults the horse’s gigs? Shameful! By the way, I like saying “oatcakes and jellies”. If I was starting a new blog on tumblr or somewhere at this very moment, I would name it “Oakcakes and Jellies”. Thank you for the entertainment, good sir!


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