“Is this more what you had in mind?”


… it’s not yet the end of the story! Check back next time to see how smooth W-Tusi25‘s trip really is…


7 thoughts on ““Is this more what you had in mind?”

  1. As smoothly as the trip appear for W-Tusi25 from this end, it’ll be interesting to see how much more interesting it was from his perspective. I wonder what kind of “jet lag” you get from traveling multiple centuries into the future? And who is Mick’s “Timeless Friend”? Is it Mick himself? He’s clearly got some magic, so maybe he’s very long-lived as well? I liked the time “tube/tunnel” effect at the start, and seeing Mick standing on floating rock! It reminded me of both Kirby’s Negative Zone art, and Ditko’s Doctor Strange/other dimension type art.


  2. Thanks– that’s some high praise! I’ve been going for a little Ditko vibe with Mick Magick; the hand gestures that Ditko used, along with his otherworldly settings stuck with me, even though I haven’t read that much of his work (I probably remember his Starman, Rom, and Captain Universe most fondly)…

    As for Mick’s “timeless” friend, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised (hint: it’s not one of my characters)!


  3. Watch it, Mick! Doesn’t he know once you start tampering with people’s memories with magic you could be courting trouble down the road (See the sixth season of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER or the dreadful IDENTITY CRISIS for example)? I have to admit W-Tusi’s journey back to the future (“Where we’re going, we don’t need no roads!”) was a little simplier than I thought it would be. I’m curious to see who Mick’s timeless friend is though. See you next week, Dale!


    1. Yeah, this part of the time trip is shorter– and in a way a lot less fun– than it would have been if I was writing it solely for the webcomic and not limited to a set number of pages. But I’m excited to get back to making print comics, and finishing this story is a big help!

      And don’t worry, I don’t plan to subject my readers to anything as dreadful as Identity Crisis…


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