“Maybe the timestream wasn’t so bad after all…”


Is this destined to be W-Tusi25‘s new base of operations? Wonderopolis has never seemed so far away…

8 Comments to ““Maybe the timestream wasn’t so bad after all…””

  1. Poor W-Tusi25!! These are pretty dark days in the future!

    Pretty neat cosmic panel with “The Rock” there too!


  2. Guess that’s the down side of keeping us in the present safe from time-traveling meddlers!

    I had fun with “The Rock”– a setting like that’s just begging for a jailbreak story, isn’t it…


  3. Things are turning a lot darker that I thought they would! Suddenly Prof. Harvey’s time traveling ideas don’t sound that bad!


  4. I like the variety of inmate designs you have. I heard of somebody’s superhero a day for a year project where he was designing a new one every day (though only the look) and thought about doing a supervillain a day, if only I had the time and motivation to draw that many. Led to the Captain Cactus postkard I recently sent. Still, I want to know the back story of all your characters. Especially the caveman!


    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun with the inhabitants of “The Rock” … I think I’m going to have to do something with them; it’s turned out to be too much fun to just leave as a throwaway idea!

      I liked your latest PostKard, too– those looked like some fun battles for Captain Cactus!


  5. If I was scripting this Watusi would be yelling,… FOOLS! No prison can hold Watusi the talking dog! 😉


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