“All the time in the world”


Look for more Walking Man in next week’s finale to W-Tusi25‘s adventure. Can’t wait till then? You can find more of Matt Levin’s rubber stamped comics (including Walking Man) any time on the Walking Man Comics Facebook page

7 Comments to ““All the time in the world””

  1. Lotsa creepy stuff on that rock! Good thing W-Tusi25 is getting bailed out by a guest star!!


  2. Nice to see things take a turn for the better! Enjoyed all the alien types walking about in the last two strips!


    • I’ve had more fun with this than I thought I would. I’m even cooking up an idea to return to The Rock at the End of Time…


  3. Awesome! Walking Man to the rescue! I love it! Can’t wait to see more Walking Man & more W-Tusi25 next week! Thanks Dale! Thanks Matt!


  4. Aww, you revealed who it was. I wanted to show off and make some comment here to indicate I was astute…


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