“Taste test”


The answer to that question will begin unfolding next week!


8 thoughts on ““Taste test”

  1. Well, it’s got to be colorless (no green dye) or Watusi could just SEE the difference. It could smell, but not likely or he’d have smelled it before he tasted it. So colorless and odorless but tastes awful – that has the feel of something being added to the water. Maybe there’s something new living in the water and what he tasted was the creature’s waste? (Man, can you tell I’ve been up all night – I normally wouldn’t write something that disgusting – I’d think it, but just not write it. Tiredness impairs the internal editor.) Whatever it is, it’ll be interesting. BTW, I forgot to comment last week on how much I liked your futuristic cityscape for Wonderopolis. I could just see one of those flying cars being George Jetson on his way to work!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the futuristic cityscape– can’t have one without flying cars, right? Sorry I had to give it such short shrift this time around; rest assured that won’t be the case next time…


    1. This one probably won’t be all that long. Long enough to be satisfying, not so short it feels rushed, hopefully. The next long story is in the works, though…


  2. This reminds me of one of Watusi’s earlier jam comics for some reason. Even his snout looks a little larger (panel 2 and 3) like earlier versions of Watusi. Maybe that’s just me tho. As for the water, did his water filter give out? Water issues in Wonder Valley? Will Watusi use his legal knowledge to fight Wonder Valley’s water/sewage department? Will we finally meet the elusive mayor of Wonder Valley? Where’s Emmett keeping himself? Is his water bad, too? Does this shirt make me look fat? Too many questions, Dale?


    1. Funny you should mention that… the idea for this story came out of my backup idea for the second episode of my interactive comic in the KCCCN newsletter years and years ago. Fortunately, someone else played along, and the story took an entirely different direcrion!

      As for your questions: No. Possibly. Maybe. Who is the mayor, anyway, and why is he or she so elusive? In trouble of his own, most likely. Probably. No. No.


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