“A neighborly inquiry”


Different strokes for different folks, I guess…

Guess what? I’ve finally got something new out in print! Keith O’Brien (of Teebo infamy) just released a pun-filled minicomic starring his katana-wielding detective Samurai Slate: “PUNctual, or, Time & PUNishment.” Puns are hard to write without wearing thin, but Keith pulls it off in these six pun-packed comics featuring four guest artists and a cover by Tom Cherry. Thanks for including me in the fun, Keith!


6 thoughts on ““A neighborly inquiry”

    1. Yeah, I tried to keep him true to his earlier appearance in the print comic (“The Late Show” in issue #13), but tweaked him a little, Now that I can use him as a foil for future visits from his noisy neighbor, I wanted to give him a little more detail. And, surprisingly, my imagined backstory for him isn’t that far off from your reference, either…


  1. I DID literally LOL! I’m glad I wasn’t drinking water. With lemon.

    I know it would have come out of my nose. LOL


  2. I never knew this comic could be so hazardous to the health of a reader’s computer! Maybe instead of spoiler alerts I should plaster my page with safety alerts…


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