“The word on the streets”


Some days things just don’t go your way…


10 Comments to ““The word on the streets””

  1. Poor Watusi!! I feel like that a LOT! EVERYbody’s a fan of that ONE THING that I don’t like at all! Hopefully, Watusi will figure out how to make this “new and improved” water work for him!


  2. I don’t have proof, but I’m sure the figure behind this lemon water must be an used car salesman!


  3. You are included in my list of outstanding bloggers, check out the company you’re in –


  4. Hmm. A devious plot that only Watusi seems bothered by. Can’t wait to see who’s behind this & why! Didn’t mean for that to rhyme by the way. Thanks Dale!


  5. If enough people start liking this lemony water, someone will find a way to start making money off of it – although the young girl with the lemonaid stand has already started to do that. I wonder if perhaps the lemony additive is addictive, or has some other mysterious properties? Looking forward to finding out the secret.


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