“You know, you really should compost those…”


Oh no! There’s another ugly animal in town! Someday I’ll come up with a cute character design, but it doesn’t look like today was that day…

Thanks to all of you who visited my sketch-o-rama during last Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day! Hope you’re enjoying your drawings and comics…


6 Comments to ““You know, you really should compost those…””

  1. This cat looks evil…


  2. Oh drat! A talking cat! Glad you had a good FCBD Dale! Looking forward to next week’s strip!


    • By the way, I think of her “talking” to be a case of Watusi being able to speak cat– people can’t understand her voice like they can with Watusi’s…


  3. A talking cat that enjoys squeezing lemons? What a sour puss!


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