“Getting smart”


That seemed to work out well! Wonder if it’s the same idea Sourpuss had?


8 Comments to ““Getting smart””

  1. Good move on Watusi’s part. I doubt Gus gets many visitors down at the waterworks.


    • You called it! We’ll get a glimpse of more of Watusi’s social skills (or lack thereof) in the next few episodes…


  2. It sure didn’t take much to turn Gus from a road-block-type local government official to a What-can-I-do-for-you-next type of guy. did it? Of course, the oldest trick in the book is to get somebody talking about something they care about. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


  3. Sadly, the tour was a ruse and Gus forced Watusi to read his WONDERFALLS fanfic into the wee hours of the night.


  4. I’m on to you Dale! It’s obvious that Gus is really Sourpuss in a human disguise! Look out Watusi!


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