“Information overload”


Believe it or not, I did actual research for this strip! So if you ever find yourself with a hankering to learn about water treatment without all the blah blah blah, I’d recommend The Magic School Bus at the waterworks / by Joanna Cole ; illustrated by Bruce Degen (New York : Scholastic Inc., ©1986).


6 Comments to ““Information overload””

  1. Looks like Watusi does need some lessons in listening skills. Love the way his eyes are spinning.


  2. Looks like Watusi is getting information overload. (That happens to me at work almost daily – about 50/50 whether I’m giving or receiving the overload.) Extra cool that you actually found a nice illustrated resource for those who want to know more. Water treatment is the kind of thing most people take for granted – until floods or other events take it away, even temporarily.


    • I’ve been lucky to have never really had to deal with a boil order, though there have been some horrible instances of that in KC and up Iowa way. Our biggest problem here is the strong chlorine-y taste to kill all the yuck in the Kansas River (one of our drinking water sources)…


  3. Watusi meets Gus, the Talking Tour Guide! As always Dale, your comics are cleverly written w/fun art & exciting adventures that never cease to keep me BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Keep up the great worK!


  4. Hey, I remember this episode of THE X-FILES! When does Watusi meet the Flukeman?


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