“Things are about to get more sour!”


It may look like things are reaching a head … but they’re only going to get uglier next week!

In other news, Watusi#28 (collecting the “Home again, home again” storyline) goes on sale July 3rd! Get the full scoop at www.smearysoapboxpress.com!


8 thoughts on ““Things are about to get more sour!”

  1. Wow! Judging from that last panel it looks like Watusi & Sourpuss might be about to have a last man standing match! Um, last dog standing… uh,.. cat… er… animal. You get the idea. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top!


    1. Just a few strips more before the victor is revealed! (Tho I hope it won’t come as a surprise if I don’t change the name of the strip to “Sourpuss the scheming cat”…)


  2. Yowza! It’s very rare to see Watusi get so violent! Nice use of the “bump”! And congratulations on the new issue! A new issue of Watusi is always a wonderful thing!


    1. Thanks– the “bump” panel was hard to get arranged, but I was happy with the idea of text also being a sound effect.


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