“Fighting like cats and dogs!”


Take that! Pruneface has nothing on Sourpuss now!


9 Comments to ““Fighting like cats and dogs!””

  1. I LOL’d TWICE on this one!! That was a really great episode, Dale! Between “Oh, the caninity” and the ‘look’ on Sourpuss’ face! Excellent!!


  2. Glad to hear it! I was really happy with how the last two panels of this strip turned out…


  3. Now that was hilarious! Good job, Dale! Of course, Sourpuss’s new look now reminds me of a certain face that lurked in the pages of PREACHER. Plus the first panel confirms my theory that Watusi isn’t much of a fighter. (I was going to say Watusi is a lover, not a fighter, but that’s not exactly true. We have yet to see Watusi in love.)


  4. “Caninity”! That’s hilarious! I love it!


  5. And she looks just like a lemon!


  6. “Fighting like cats & dogs” I love it! Almost feel sorry for Sourpuss, but I guess he deserved to get a taste of his own medicine! I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him either! Keep up the great work! I’m enjoying it!


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