“Up the river”


Next week: thrill to Watusi’s escape from the top of the waterworks!! And while that’s not the most exciting hook to try to draw you back in, I hope you’ll tune in anyway. Thanks for reading “The sinister scheme of Sourpuss”!

(And I know Sourpuss is really headed down the river, but that just doesn’t have the same flair as a title…)


11 thoughts on ““Up the river”

  1. Great falling panel! It was swell! Hope Sourpuss returns again to cause more mischief. Maybe she can team-up with Teebo next time. As for Watusi’s current plight, Mystery Mutt to the rescue? Looking forward to the next thrilling storyline!


      1. I think after this Watusi will be in full agreement! Well, except for the “Poodles of Doom” part…


    1. Sourpuss will certainly be back to bedevil Watusi! While the story I have in mind is a ways down the line, rest assured that Sourpuss isn’t one to not hold a grudge!


  2. I love how you did the falling panel. & not because I hate evil cats & like to see them suffer. It looks like you might have to temporarily change the name of this strip to Watusi the Yelling for Help Dog. Don’t worry though Watusi, if you stand on a rooftop in comic land long enough, Batman is bound to swing by at some point. Hang in there!


    1. Thanks; I was really happy with the falling panel, especially since (on my monitor at least) the resolution wasn’t immediately obvious & scrolling down actually helped with the storytelling in a way…


      1. Having to scroll down to see the bottom half of the “falling panel” is probably one of the few times a computer display has an advantage over a printed comic, since on screen the entire panel is not visible all at once. It was nicely executed. Even though I’m a cat person myself (the only dogs allowed in my house are Watusi, Scooby Doo and Santa’s Little Helper), I was glad to see Sourpuss come up short in her evil scheme. If Batman doesn’t come by to help Watusi down, maybe Spidey will swing past and lend a web line, otherwise he may have to take a leap into the river himself (although from that height a belly-flop would be VERY painful).


        1. Even if Batman or Spider-Man won’t come to Watusi’s aid, I don’t think he’ll be taking a dive into the river … it’d probably remind him too much of a bath!


    1. I’m glad you like the name; I was afraid it might be too cheezy. Of course, if my comic is about a talking dog, there’s probably no such thing as too cheezy…


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