“Sounds like a sure thing, doesn’t it?”


Well, at least Gus lets you know when you’ve worn out your welcome! Guess it’s just as well, though …  because Watusi starts his new storyline next week! See you then!


6 thoughts on ““Sounds like a sure thing, doesn’t it?”

  1. After that BOOT! I’d say Watusi is a sore winner! At least he doesn’t have to listen to Gus go on & on about water treatment any more! Love the upside down word balloon! Can’t wait for the next adventure to start! Thanks Dale!


  2. First Sour Puss and now Gus. This storyline continues to add to Watusi’s rogue gallery! Looking forward to seeing what type of enemies he makes in the new one!


  3. Gus REALLY should have known better… that was a definite mood-swing in panel 3. But it just shows how persuasive Watusi can be!


    1. “Persuasive” just sounds like a nice way to say “S.O.B.” … which, come to think of it, he is…


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