“Brand new day”


Since this episode is the final bridging strip into the new storyline– and is unlikely to ever be in a print edition– I thought I’d play around a little with some spot colors. Enjoy!


6 Comments to ““Brand new day””

  1. It’s morning in Wonder Valley! And there’s gold just beyond Cherry Point? Yowza! So I guess Sour Puss is now Big City’s problem, huh? Or does that lie upstream? And basically Watusi pollutes Dogleg Creek and figures it’s somebody else’s concern? For shame, Watusi! As for Gus, I hope he continues to nurse a grudge againist our titular hero. If would make sense that not everybody in Wonder Valley likes Watusi.

    Looking forward to the next adventure! Hoping maybe Polly or the kids play a part! And missing Emmett at the moment. What’s that old codger up to?


    • I can’t be bothered to nail down my fictional geography. Let’s just say that Sourpuss is headed out to sea!

      And this new story will spotlight a couple of grudges against Watusi … as well some of the kids, and other barely-used cast members. I’m kind of wondering what Emmett’s been up to too, but the next story idea I have for him keeps getting pushed back. Suffice it to say he’ll turn up when you least expect him!


  2. COLOR!! Beautiful sunrise, Dale! And, is Watusi going to be a RICH dog now?


  3. The color is a bright startling addition!


    • Thanks; glad you liked it. I probably won’t do this a lot (since I’m still looking at collecting these in black & white print comics), but when it works out– like this one did– I’ll try not to shy away from it…


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