“Finders keepers”


What does Watusi expect to do with a pocketwatch? He doesn’t even have any pockets!!

7 Comments to ““Finders keepers””

  1. So I guess Watusi is a watchdog now.


  2. Okay, Okay! I got it! I got one!

    WATUSI the TOCKING dog!


  3. Nice. Without pockets he’ll have a hard TIME carrying it around, but he could always clip it to his collar, like a SECOND name tag. Also, really liked the spot color last week (just got caught up on email and read it today). You could always use that as the front cover of an issue, starting the story on the cover.


    • Hmm… I’m sensing readers might like more wordplay in this storyline. I’ll try to do it without PUNishing your sensibilities too much …


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