“… another man’s treasure”

strip225Whattaya know?!? Watusi knows a guy…

Looking for the chance to stretch your creativity or warm up as part of a more intensive creative workout? If so, here’s just the thing: Tom Cherry has designated Saturday, August 31st as “Draw a Powerpuff Girl Day”— join in the fun and check out smearysoapboxpress.com on Saturday to see what I come up with!


7 Comments to ““… another man’s treasure””

  1. hmmmm, watusi the “watch” dog??!!…..billy mckay


  2. Well, Watusi has certainly proven that he takes a licking & keeps on ticking in his past adventures, so lets hope his new watch can say the same! Looking forward to next week!


  3. It’s rare to see Watusi in the company of other dogs (Besides W-Tusi, of course!) so his pleasantries with Roscoe was a nice little detail for me. Are we on the seedier side of Wonder Valley or am I reading too much with the barb wire? I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a liquor store or a check into cash outlet just around the corner. And thanks for the Powerpuff plug! Looking forward to seeing your entry!


    • Glad you liked the bit with Roscoe. There was a lot visually I had to cram into the panel, so hopefully his next appearance will have some more breathing room.

      And yes, this is the rougher side of town– the barbed wire is there to discourage those who would help themselves to the goodies in the salvage yard!

      I’m looking forward to “Draw a Powerpuff Girl Day” so much I’ve even jumped the gun a little…


  4. very nice to see you fleshing out more of Wonder Valley. Looking forward to more of Roscoe!


    • Glad to hear it! This story will take us to a lot of new parts of town, including some more detailed looks at downtown and “The Heights”, the fancy part of town…


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