“Looks like this is the place to be!”

strip226While this strip introduces a lot of the characters for this storyline, it’s by no means all of them. In fact, one of them who will appear briefly needs your help before he shows up! Check out my contest (with prizes, of course) at smearysoapboxpress.com and help him out if you can!


7 Comments to ““Looks like this is the place to be!””

  1. Uh oh! Looks like someone else is watching Watusi’s watch! Watusi better watch out! Great strip as always Dale!


  2. That watch may turn out to catch the fancy of a number of characters…


  3. The sneaky-lookin’ fella at the far end of the counter did catch my eye, but I’m also a bit curious to see what Professor Harvey is trying to part with. Y’know, it just hit me as I was thinking about what’s in those boxes he and Mitchell are carrying in, that Professor Harvey reminds me just a little bit of Gyro Gearloose from Uncle Scrooge – except not quite as wacky, and a little more grounded in reality. And I guess that would make Mitchell would the equivalent of Gyro’s Assistant (the animated light-bulb thing).


    • Yeah, Mitchell has taken on more of an assistant role as things have gone on. Didn’t want him to be mistaken for a lab animal, after all … especially when Watusi can fill that unpleasant task so well!


  4. George’s shop isn’t on the History Channel, I hope. That would be a terrible thing for Watusi to have to endure…


  5. Is it me or does Mr. George have a Jack Knight vibe to him? Good to see Prof. Harvey and Mitchell walking into Watusi’s new adventure!


    • I wish I was that clever! But thanks to your idea, if I show more shelves, I may just steal a bit from David/Perez’s “Future Imperfect” and stock them with comic character trinkets…


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