“Everyone takes rejection in their own way”

strip228Let’s hope Watusi doesn’t come to regret that offer!

I don’t think I’m going to regret this weekend’s convention appearance at Project: Comic Con— quite the contrary, in fact, as it affords me the opportunity to bring Watusi to a whole new part of the country! Stop in and say “hi” if you’re in the neighborhood!

8 Comments to ““Everyone takes rejection in their own way””

  1. Hmmm. Something’s amiss with Mr. Amis.

    Have a great time in St. Louis!


  2. “Amiss”– that’s great!


  3. Hope you have a lot of fun this weekend, Dale!


    • I’m looking forward to it– I’m even going to try and coerce con attendees to help me come up with another jam comic! If I’m successful, I’ll post it on Watusi’s facebook page…


  4. Awesome job of illustrating just how ‘well’ Mr. Amis took Watusi’s rejection. I wonder why he wants that old watch so bad? I have a feeling we will find out eventually! Great strip Dale! Have fun at the con!


    • Thanks! The iciness was almost an afterthought; it was harder to play it up around that other word bubble than it would have been if I’d thought of it sooner! And Mr. Amis isn’t the only one eyeing that old watch, as the next few weeks will show…


  5. Have a good time at the Comic-Con!


    • Thanks for the good thoughts, everyone– this will be my first time at this show. The first time at new show in about five years, in fact…


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