“It just needs a little elbow grease”

strip229Whew! What a chore!! We’ll see if Mr. George’s effort pays off next time…

Thanks to everyone who came out to say “hi” to me at last weekend’s Project: Comic Con— it was a lot of fun! An extra special thanks to everyone who contributed to the jam comic; look for it soon on Watusi’s facebook page

9 Comments to ““It just needs a little elbow grease””

  1. I have a feeling that what’s inside might not be exactly what’s expected. There could be more or less than what’s expected, or maybe something … completely different? Looking forward to finding out in upcoming strips.


  2. That monkey… I’m not sure, but I think he’s gonna cause some trouble.


  3. But the science guy may conveniently be around to explain what looks like a time travel device???


  4. Great cliffhanger Dale! I can’t wait to see what the watch looks like inside! Also, thanks for including the monkey! Comics are always more fun w/a monkey! See you next week in Watusi’s World!


    • I’m not exactly going to be giving you a good look at the watch– maybe I should do that sometime– but we’ll definitely be seeing more simian shenanigans!


  5. That monkey isn’t just a monkey! He’s Mitchell, the best monkey in the world!


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