Some characters just don’t seem to play well together. I guess it’s kinda rude of me as a writer to keep throwing them together so much!

Not that I’m going to stop…


8 Comments to ““Yoink!””

  1. Wow! They fight like monkeys & dogs don’t they?! Wonder what the monkey found? Hmm… Can’t wait to get another piece of the puzzle next week! Thanks Dale!


  2. Love the third panel! Fun stuff!


    • Thanks– it’s one of the few times I wish this was animated. It could better convey Mitchell’s mocking hand gestures, I think…


  3. Good strip, Dale. The dog/monkey antics NEVER get old! When those two are in the same room, I giggle through the whole episode.


  4. The cross-eyed Watusi in Mitchell’s thought balloon was a nice touch, too.


    • Thanks! I wanted to express how yammering and brainless Mitchell thinks Watusi is, and was hoping I didn’t undersell it…


  5. I like that third panel too. Hehehe. I think Mitchell just wanted to HELP. HAHA!


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