“A solution might be the solution”


Alright! Now maybe we can finally get a good look at the thing!

You can get a good look at me– and my latest Watusi print comics– at this Saturday’s Free State Comicon! Plus, I’ll be continuing the jam comic I started at last month’s Project: Comic Con there! Bring your pencils (or borrow one of mine) and pitch in with a panel of your own from 10am-6pm– hope to see you there!


5 Comments to ““A solution might be the solution””

  1. Looks like the inscription has caught the attention of one of the customers!


  2. I’ve got a bad feeling about this! But it’s a good feeling to know there’s a new Watusi strip to read every week! Mr. Rogers would be proud. Thanks Dale!


  3. Sounds like Watusi stumbled upon a watch owned by Vivian Vance…or maybe not. Have fun at the show!


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