“That’s not funny!”


Some dogs just can’t take a joke!

While I don’t have any Halloween hijinks planned for this strip, check out Mike Sullivan’s “Li’l Infinities” for some seasonal fare… including a Watusi cameo in #4! Thanks also to everyone who came out to say “hi” to me during last weekend’s Free State Comicon— if you missed the fun, you can at least follow along with the concluding part of the jam comic from the show, starting Thursday on Watusi’s facebook page

3 Comments to ““That’s not funny!””

  1. Wow, is it just me or is that watch making everyone be mean to Watusi? Hopefully he will eventually have the last laugh! Sorry to hear Watusi will be celebrating Halloween off panel this year. Hope the con was fun!


    • Yeah, this story will show off some of the worst traits of the characters– Watusi included– but also some of the best. This setup sequence in Another Man’s Treasure” is nearing its end, and things will lighten up again after that. For a little while…

      Free State Comicon was a lot of fun, but I’m glad my convention season is over, so I return more of my time and attention to this comic!


  2. Nice flow here. I’ll agree with Brien in that people seem to be pretty mean-spirited toward Watusi. Hopefully, the Hallowe’en party over at Li’l Infinities will be more fun.


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