“Hitchin’ a ride”


It looks like Mitchell is none too excited about sharing a ride, either!!

6 Comments to ““Hitchin’ a ride””

  1. Wow! Mitchell may not be able to talk but his feelings are made very clear in that last panel! Watusi probably made a good choice to ride in the back. I look forward to eventually finding out what the engraving says, but first I can’t wait to see if Watusi survives the truck ride!


    • It will be a short– but hopefully memorable– trip! Glad Mitchell is making himself clear without words… even if this storyline is making him seem more malicious than I think he really is!


  2. Love the Professor’s truck. I’m sure the bed is very much adequate for the ride. More room, anyway.


  3. I knew Mitchell would ride shotgun! And I just noticed something: Is this storyline the first time we have seen Prof. Harvey without his familiar lab coat? Has he moved on to speed suits ala Dr. Rusty Venture?


    • It may be the first time most people have seen the Professor without his labcoat, but he did appear in coveralls the last time he worked on his truck, back in All Comics APA #8-9…


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