“Taking the direct route”


Well, that’s one way to avoid traffic congestion!

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already, but I want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to you all– I’m honestly thankful for the time you give me to follow this strip every week; I hope I continue to make it worth your while!

15 Comments to ““Taking the direct route””

  1. Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads! Parachutes maybe. Good luck Watusi! Happy Thanksgiving Dale!


  2. Thanks, Brien– enjoy your holiday, too! I’m looking forward to your Thanksgiving “Boogieland or Bust!” strip…


  3. Now that’s a pick-UP! Happy Thanksgiving, Dale!


  4. happy holidays to you too dale! we all love watusi! following watusi is the best way to start ANY day! take care and thanks! -billytherobot


  5. Happy Thanksgiving Dale! Thanks to you for giving us Watusi. I like that truck. What a surprise.


  6. I could use a lawnmower like that…


  7. Brian and I wish you Happy Thanksgiving too!


  8. So to drive/fly the truck, does Professor Harvey need a driver’s license, a pilot’s license, or both? Since he can literally travel the “as the crow flies” route, his travel times should be quicker. Different obstacles to worry about, though – flocks of birds, lightning, other planes & helicopters, flying superheroes, footballs and baseballs that were thrown/hit extremely high, etc.
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Weekly doses of the unique Watusi humor make the list of things for which I am thankful.


    • Let’s just say he has a special use permit and leave it at that. There’s no telling what other vehicles are in his garage!

      I do like the idea of him having to dodge errant baseballs, though– keeping abreast of high school sports schedules would be problem for someone like the Professor!


  9. Love that flying truck!!!


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