“You’ll believe a pickup truck can fly!”


On second thought, maybe the breeze flapping through your ears isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!


8 thoughts on ““You’ll believe a pickup truck can fly!”

  1. Yeah, I think I may have gone a little far this time … or maybe the depth of animosity between them is more than even I realized! We’ll get a chance to explore it a little more before this storyline is all said and done…


  2. Wow, if looks could kill, this comic would be called Watusi the Dead Dog! As it is, the comic should probably be called Watusi the Optimistic Dog considering how he is giving Professor Harvey credit for driving steady while flying through the air in a truck! Thanks Dale!


    1. I guess it’s a good thing Watusi isn’t looking at Mitchell just then … or he might just decide to take his chances with the parachute!


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