“The Whiz-Banginator! (Nightmare remix)”


When I’m trying to come up with endings for these Watusi jam comics, I generally try to steer clear of “dream endings” and play true to the reality of the story up to that point. This particular strip really challenged that best practice, so I worked through a couple of those dream endings to get them out of my system before arriving at what I felt was a much better solution. You can judge for yourself; my preferred version is in Watusi #29 (Sept. 2013).

About the contributor: in addition to being the proprietor of Astrokitty Comics & More, Joel Pfannenstiel is all over the internet, particularly on his tumbler account The Psysquatch (much of which may be NSFW. Just sayin’)…


4 Comments to ““The Whiz-Banginator! (Nightmare remix)””

  1. Wow! That was TWISTED!! Thanks to Joel for a very, merrily different take on Watusi and the Prof!!


  2. thanks for always sharing your art dale! you are so good at creating and keeping in touch! watusi NEVER gets old! love him! i hope to have some real mail going out to you soon! -billy


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